Frequently Asked Questions

HCA Healthcare is the UK’s largest and best-known healthcare provider. With the help of HCA BC Connected Employee Login, a person can enjoy the rewards offered by HCA Healthcare by logging into the account.


HR Rewards focuses on customer decisions like Shared Care real age testing, wellness features with my FITagetool, and you get free access to professional financial planning. For more information, log in to HCA Connected.

Frequently Asked Questions

HCarewards allows users to reprint medical cards. How do I do this?

In the “My Account” section of the HCA Awards website, you can reprint your health cards. Your ID card can be reprinted after logging into your account. You will receive your cards within 1-2 business days after submitting this request.

How can I find out my HCA bonus balance?

You can check your balance in the HCA Rewards login by clicking on “My Account”. After logging in, you will be taken to the home page, where you can see your current account balance.

Where can I find the W2 in the HCA rewards?

HCA Rewards’ “My Account” section allows you to find your W-2 forms. The link to access your W-2 forms will appear once you log into your account. Select “Reward History” from the “My Account” menu to see the amount of money deposited into HCA Rewards.

How do I withdraw 401k from HCA Rewards?

You can withdraw 401k credit through the HCA Rewards connection. To do this, submit a request in the “My Account” section of the HCA Rewards login. After you submit your request, within 24 hours you will receive an email with instructions on how to withdraw 401,000 funds from the portal.

Accounts will be locked if you try to make multiple unsuccessful login attempts. To insert a report, you must follow the following procedure.

Try calling to be connected and the number is 800 566-4114