HCA Healthcare Family employees have worked hard to support each other in creating a healthy future. They would do their best and would also have to be very careful to take care of themselves and take care of themselves.


That’s why the company offers a fair, impartial, smart, and also very competitive pay package that includes benefits such as health, educational support for pension benefits, retirement assistance accessible through the HR Rewards portal, working at home, and many more. more related things can be found.


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HCA Reward is a type of program developed by HCA Healthcare that offers its employees various rewards and benefits. Below are the details and how the healthcare industry strives to bring maximum benefits to those working in the industry.

How Can New Users Register For HCA Rewards?

If you are a new user, click Login (First User). There are now two ways to do this: one with the registry key and one without the registry key. You will need to choose whether to use your existing registration key or request a new one. The registration code is primarily a method of confirming your identity during the registration process.

  1. If you don’t have a registration key:

If you don’t have the registration key, select “No, I need a key and follow the instructions to get it”. To get your password, the system must identify you. Follow these steps:

  • Enter your HCA 3-4 ID and then enter your date of birth in mmdd format.
  • Your home zip code is the first five digits.
  • Click on “Request Key” after completing the captcha.
  • Your registered username will receive the key. In case you don’t, contact us.
  1. If you have the registration key:

When you have the registration key, click “Yes, I have a key and follow the instructions”.

  • In the last four digits, enter your social security number.
  • Register by entering your registration key.
  • The captcha step needs to be reviewed.
  • Follow the next few steps after clicking on the “Next” button.


Login Procedure For Registered Users

If you are an active HCA Healthcare team, you will have access to the benefits and rewards of your HCA team through this HCA Healthcare Total Rewards system. To connect, open a web browser on any internet-connected laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone and follow the simple and easy steps below.

  • Visit the HCA Total Rewards portal at www.hcarewards.com
  • Navigate to the “Login” box on the right side of the page.
  • Enter your HCA Total Rewards username and password in the appropriate fields on the left side of the page. (To enter the password correctly, click on the “Show” link in the lower right corner next to the input field).

In order to access your rewards and benefits information, click on the “Login” button.

Please note that, as an employee of HCA Healthcare, you do not have access to your benefits through this HCA Total Rewards portal. You need to log into HCAhrAnswer.com.

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